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Busy Sewing

Hi  there!  This is Mary Elvira, Sue’s dress form (named after Sue’s grandma on her Daddy’s side). Mary Elvira 006 cropped Sue asked me to check in with you and let you know that she is busy making a graduation dress for the goddess in training (see fairie festival post from May!).  The fabric is a lovely green crinkle rayon backed with pink which gives it an almost iridescent quality, that she picked up during a trip to New York a few years ago.  The dress is a cute little knee length number, bias cut with rather a 1930’s feel to it.   Things seem to be coming along nicely and Sue will be sure to post some pictures of the dress when it is finished.  We are discussing how to add a touch of vintage trim, perhaps some buttons from her special stash or a ribbon rosette??

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  • oh, that looks so pretty:)
    thanks so much for stopping over to visit me…i know we did go to Ekster, because i saw that Hope mentioned it on her blog…but i am not sure which shop it was…it may have been where i found a wonderful old book that i purchased…

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