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Venturing Out of My Comfort Zone…

Having grown up sewing, I feel pretty comfortable working with fabrics and textiles.  I enjoy the textures and colors of  vintage and antique pieces, as well as the feeling of personalized history they share.   My experiences working with paper  mediums and mixed media, on the other hand, have been rather sadly limited.  So, I am trying to set up some projects that force me to work outside my comfort zone and involve creating with a variety of materials, techniques and mediums.

This mini portfolio is based on one featured in the Nov. 2007 of Mary Engelbreit’s Home Companion.  I loved the idea of creating a portfolio to document a special trip, and decided to give it a try on a smaller scale.


Using a larger portfolio as a guide, I drafted a pattern for my mini version.  I covered it in scrapbook papers I had on hand, and added some vintage ribbon (couldn’t resist – I am a textile gal after all!).  I have to admit that using my sewing machine to sew on the pocket (yikes – paper, tag and probably glue!) was a bit traumatic, but I figured that at worst I would just replace the needle.  Add a velum envelope, a few stickers and a holder for a photo….. a vintage button and some lovely faded seam binding.


For a first attempt, I think it turned out o.k.  I am already thinking of ways to improve the next one. I like the size – handy to toss into a tote and bring to flea markets to keep track of purchases, receipts, business cards and such.

Any suggestions on how to improve this project would be most appreciated!

6 comments to Venturing Out of My Comfort Zone…

  • What? For a first attempt, I THINK IT CAME OUT GORGEOUS~~~
    I just love it. Although I love fabric and beads…creating with paper has never left my soul and I envy you for taking the time to sit and create!!!! I just love it!
    (and you’ll be the envy at flea markets when you pull that out of your purse, everyone will want you to make one for them!)
    everything vintage

  • Kris Malone

    Sue, I love your creation. The colors, the ribbons, and the compartments inside. I think we have some fears in common – I want to be, if not well versed, at least “tried it once” when I am at SB. So to that end, I am going through Anna Corba’s Vintage Paper book and doing projects and the Somerset Studio Inspirations to try new things too. I am enjoying venturing out of my routines! Your venture was quite a success. K

  • Your creation is just perfect! No suggestions to change a thing!
    You did an excellent job and could of fooled me it was your first try.
    Keep up the great work.
    You’re more than ready for Silver Bella 2009!
    Hope to meet you there.

  • Your portfolio turned out absolutely perfect!! Love it!

  • This is so cute. I love what you’ve done with it. Won’t we have fun at SB!!! I really enjoy your blog.

  • You did an inspiring job on your portfolio. You will need a BIG one for Silver Bella.
    Am loving your blog too. So many interesting things.

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