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Hello world!

Hello all!  With the encouragement of some wonderful friends and the support of my computer savvy hubby, I am excited to be joining you in the land of blog.  I look forward to sharing with you some  of my current projects, discoveries  vintage and brocante, and perhaps introducing you to a few new people and places that have touched my heart and inspired me.

I am already gearing up for my first ever trip to the amazing Silver Bella event this year.  Searching through my studio and trying to decide just what pretties to bring should keep me busy from some time to come.  Of course there is bound to be a trip to an auction or two to hunt for more treasures.  Here are just a few recent finds.


I am thinking of using some of the lace to make  jackets for my daughter and myself.  More photos definitely to follow!  I hope you will  consider joining me on this grand blogging adventure.

13 comments to Hello world!

  • welseth


    I *love* your website!


  • Hi Sue!
    Congratulations…your site is BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad you found you a “home” where we can all visit!!!!
    Your husband did a wonderful job!
    I can’t wait to meet you at Silver Bella but until then, blog blog blog away!!!! I can’t wait to read what you have to share with us!!!! Your blog banner is soooo pretty!!!
    Too many exclamations? Can’t help it…I’m excited for you!!!!
    everything vintage

  • Oh YAY! Sue, it’s lovely! Really, lovely! Great job!


  • Carol Ryan

    Congratulations! It’s so special. Can’t wait to read more.
    You will now have a home for all the Silver Bella photos and other lovelies.

  • Hello Sue! Oh, I can’t wait to see more on your blog – I’m so intrigued! Your header picture is gorgeous. I’m a first timer at Silver Bella too – so looking forward to meeting you!

  • Hi Sue, Yay, you did it! I love your header! I just started one as well not too long ago–come take a peek!
    I’m so glad you are going to Silver Bella–it will be a fantastic time! We nedd to get back out for more amazing hot chocolate! Well, now maybe a cold drink will do!

  • Just wanted to pop over and say welcome to the blogging community! This is my 2nd year attending Silver Bella… you are just going to love it!!! Hope to meet you in November at SB

  • congrats on your new blog!!! looking forward to seeing all your finds and meeting you at silver bella!!!


  • Hi Sue, woohoo!!! Oh look that rhymes! Congratulations on taking the plunge into writing your own blog. It looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to hear and see more of your collections and adventures. As for Silver Bella, I am sooo envious, why do I live on the other side of the world? I will be counting on you to share all about it so I feel like I was there!
    Well done again!
    Kiss Noises Lilly Cottage ( Lilly Cottage is my ‘shop tales’ blog and Kiss Noises is my at home in my PJ’s painting and sewing blog…see I am greedy and have two!)
    KN again Linda.

  • Hi Sue! Welcome to blogland!

  • Cindy M.

    Congratulations! Wayne IS pretty good at this stuff! I’m very impressed with the header photo and have added your blog to my favorites list. Hopefully, we’ll be buying some beautiful things at the Luckett’s May Fair to photograph!

  • Hi Sue,
    Welcome to blogland! I absolutely love your blog header. Looking forward to our next shopping excursion!

  • Mona/Mom

    Just right. I’m very proud of you. Thanks for the pictures of the Fairy Fair.

    Love you,

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