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A most wonderful day

Recently, I was invited to Amy‘s  to participate in a dry run for an  upcoming class she will be teaching in California at the end of May.   What an amazing experience.   Amy is the sweetest gal ever.  She and her friends Hope, Pam and Lorraine made me feel most welcome.  They will all be attending Silver Bella this year, so it was a great opportunity to put a few names with faces, and make some glorious new friends.  The project was amazing, and Amy is a wonderful teacher – she really makes an effort to connect with everyone and make each of us feel special.  Here’s a tiny sneak peak of what I made!


Thanks Hope for driving and putting up with my chatter (I’ll start looking up some auctions for us to check out!).  And thanks especially to Amy, for including me in a most wonderful day.

5 comments to A most wonderful day

  • Love your blog and the project. How lucky you are to take a class from Amy. This will be my second year at SilverBella. Hoping to meet you.

  • Barbara Mooney

    Congrats on your new blog. I subscribed so I look forward to seeing it evolve.

    I have also started thinking about what things will come with me to silver bella. I have oodles of stuff, more than one can use in a lifetime but I do have one treasure that I hold in the highest esteem. It is this wonderful little brass skate. It is kind of too big to be a charm from a bracelet but too small to be much else. I have had it for over a year and not one project has seemed worthy. It is like the bottle of wine you save for a special occasion (well I am not as picky about wine as I am about craft treasures), so I think silver bella will be just the time to create something with this special little piece.

    How much fun did you have at Amy’s? I am a very lucky girl as my new website and blog are being created by Hope. The cherry on top of my day yesterday was finding out my big sister for silver bella is Amy.

  • Oh goodie! You have a blog! My bella sisters from last year got me going on one and the rest is blogged history. :O)

    I love that you got to spend time with those wonderful girls… we are all going to have the best time ever at SB this year! Can’t wait to meet you!!!


  • Kris M

    Hi, Sue. I love your glittery house. The SB excitement just keeps building!

  • Cooooool~
    It’s beautiful! My gosh, how lucky are you to have Amy as your teacher!
    You better save some of that energy for Silver Bella! tee hee

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